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CLT’s story, beginning in 1985, is one of constant innovation, investment in

improvement, and a dedication to customer service. Over time, CLT has transitioned into a turnkey operation capable of providing unmatched solutions and products to our global partners and customers.

President & CEO Jack Wilkinson had no grandiose plans when he left his executive role at Duracell to start CLT. He recognized an opportunity that existed for branded companies to manage their inventory.


CLT started as a wholesale distribution company headquartered in the garage of his Toronto-based residence, where Jack and his small team managed full truckloads of product, much to the dismay of his wife and neighbours.


Jack considers himself blessed to have a longstanding team of senior management including Tom Tessier, Howard Linds, George Halley, as well as his sons Jordan and Jake, who have all propelled the growth of CLT since its inception.


Over the years, he and his team channeled all of their expertise in retail, wholesale, and manufacturing into what is now CLT’s specialized capabilities.

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